About Us

Our Company

We serve our communities and encourage the mantra of making banking accessible and simpler. Banking for everyone is our vision.

Our commitment to our customers has been at the core of who we are since almost a decade.

Our Business

We're changing the online banking landscape with global best practices of innovative digital experiences. We offer salary loans, personal loans and OFW loans. Our journey leads us to become an All-Finance platform of banking products including E-Credit Cards, E-Wallet, trading, crypto, global money transfers, savings and checking.

Our Mission

Our mission will always be to become your partner in all-finance. We will be the trusted companion with tailored services to consumers, commercial, and corporate customers. We will never finish second.

Our Vision

Our vision is your way to financial freedom. Our journey puts your financial well-being in the center. No matter the financial starting point, we want to provide a platform delivering the tools and providing the knowledge to become independent and successful.

Our Commitment

It’s our paramount commitment to find the right answers to your financial needs. We will have the answers ready before the challenge evolves. We do this by knowing who our customers and what the local situations are:

Finance the growing needs of your business.

We do this by adapting to change with main efforts on innovation.

We do this by working mindful and as a financial companion.

Core Values

We put our strongest efforts on compliance and long-term relationships. We are committed to integrity and fairness. It is our fierce believe that good governance leads to trust and permanent benefits to our valued customers.